As a small child, Michele Ottmann spent hours drawing by her mother’s side. When she was in the first grade, her teacher entered one of her pieces in an exhibit at the Oakland airport, and she won first prize. From small beginnings… that incentive fueled a creative fire which eventually grew into a lifelong passion that has made art the center of her life.

“My parents were both very creative people, and encouraged me from an early age. My father taught me woodworking, and welding, my mother, drawing and painting.

Michele is largely a self-taught artist, specializing in animal art, southwest art, and portraits.  She works in oil and pencil.

Michele Ottmann has lived and worked for 36 years on a 60 acre ranch in beautiful Auburn, California. She is married and has two daughters along with 6 dogs, 2 horses, 3 cats, 24 geese, and 100 chickens.